Who we are

Situgyan Consulting Limited is Bhavana Tuladhar-Douglas and Professor Will Tuladhar-Douglas.

We work for exceptional communities and landscapes, where cultural and biological diversity thrive and are impossible to disentangle. We help national and local governments, development agencies, I/NGOs, corporations, and Indigenous and local communities to build collaborative stewardship and strong alliances around shared values.

Bhavana is an indigenous Newar anthropologist and activist who ran a research expedition company in Nepal, busted a corrupt ticketing racket at Lumbini, and taught for the Universities of Reading and Aberdeen. Will was born and raised in California, Hawai’i and Oregon and did his DPhil in Oxford. He has worked for NGOs and universities in Asia, Europe and North America, including thirteen years at the University of Aberdeen where he set up and managed several successful international research teams.

Between us we have substantial practical experience in

  • leading and managing interdisciplinary teams, whether on expeditions or in institutions.
  • local- and Indigenous- led research
  • building partnerships across cultures.

We also have skills in

  • ethnography and assessing linguistic and biological diversity
  • grant writing
  • publication, editing, knowledge sharing
  • project management
  • accounting
  • developing and deploying appropriate computer systems
  • facilitation
  • teaching
  • developing course materials for face-to-face or online delivery

We also speak, read or write over twenty languages.

We live with our family by the sea in Northeast Scotland.