Neurodiversity and ecology

SItugyan Consulting gets neurodiversity. We have lived experience of autism, dyslexia, and dyspraxia, and we are an autistic-led company. For us, these are intersectional questions: it’s not just the neurology tick-box, it’s about gender, race, dis/ablity, Indigenous knowledge and sovereignty, and so very much more.

This inform our business, our research, and our activism. We want to help other neurodivergent people and neurodiverse organisations thrive.We are actively involved with autism research and autism charities around Europe, and Will serves on the board of a major autistic-led charity.

In particular, we are keen to explore how autistic people and other neurodivergent people can take an active role in analysing and responding to the present ecological/political/economic crisis. We work with the World Conservation Union and the UN Environment Programme on specific problems around protected areas, faith communities, social justice, and species survival. Here in Scotland, we’re building links between the autistic-led advocacy movement and the active travel movement through our autistic cyclist advocacy.